Asian Street Meat – Mint



On a recent trip around the street, I met a new recruit from the border country regions, all wide eyed and eager to please. As the new Asian space race has now begun, using second hand Russian nuclear missile engines sold off cheaply after the soviet breakup, I asked Mint if she would like to be blasted into orbit. She said, anything, so long as I paid her room for the night. She wanted to know if she needed a uniform. As it can get very hot, all you will need is the latest triple decker magnetic gravity boots, a pair of stained and laddered second hand stockings, and you must be smeared liberally with wallpaper paste to protect you from cosmic radiation. Also as hygiene protection from deadly space viruses, you will have to shave off all pubic hair. There I am sitting on a tin can, planet earth is blue but there’s nothing I can do … Mint is a little cute asian girl she is getting fucked hardcore by an ugly white man.

File Information
File Name : asm-Mint.mpg
File Size : 435.22 MB
Resolution : 384x288
Duration : 00:35:26

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