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Sexy little Asian cutie Min with a tight ass and perky tits is soon naked and bent over the bed where he eats out her tight Asian pussy before giving her a hard pounding as she moans and finally sprays his jizz over her pussy and ass.

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Noy Soi Cowboy Tequila Anal asian

Noy was a bit shy at first until I gave her a double shot of tequila that turned her into an anal trooper. Alcohol ,greasing the wheels of porn since 1964

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Nock and Benze Hot Bangkok Sluts

The hottest sluts that Bangkok has to offer. These are the sluts that you meet at bars. The girls that walk the streets at night. These are whores. There’s no need to beat around the bush about it. These women aren’t nuns. They are dirty filthy whores that love sex. These are the women that you look up when you need to bust a nut in the worst way. That’s exactly what you should expect from Asian Candy Pop. There are men all over Bangkok fucking these whores and loving every minute of it. Watch these hardcore sex videos and see why Bangkok whores are the best in the world!

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Nona Cute Thai Girl

She is a whore. She really is one. If you lived in Bangkok you could pay money to fuck her. A whore like her demands a high fee though. It is cheaper to sit back and jerk off. That way you can enjoy all the action without any of the problems. Now you know what a real life whore looks like. You also know what a whore does for more. You always knew what they did. Though, you probably didn’t know exactly what they did. You’ll see all that and then some in this Asian sex video. She could make every single one of your Asian sex fantasies come true!

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May Tiny 19yo Thai Fuck Machine

Having found a girl off the beach road in Gee, who had been quite keen on movie action, she landed me a few girls who were also up for the action. Some of them were substandard so I had to give them a miss, but , Aon, and now , May were to become the latest and greatest in the ACP pussy collection. May had done a movie before some years back or so she claimed. Not an ounce of fat on this girl with a body of a 19 year old. I took her back to the shag pad for a little R&R ACP style. Needless to say she didn’t get any rest in this shag session as we pulled a train on her and rode her into exhaustion. Both my Mate and I both dumped a nice load in her face which she took as can be expected. One of the smallest girls we’ve ever had but with more energy than girls 10 kilos heavier. The small one’s often surprise you, I guess it’s true what they say that good things come in small packages.

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Mai Rainbow 4 – Likes a cock in her mouth

Mai is just one of those chicks that always has some guys cock in her mouth. Even when she is eating she has a guy next to her and she sucks him off while she eats and talkes to her friends, when shes not in a dark soi on her knees sucking some drunk farang she is on her back being fucked in a dirty hotel room. After this she is bent over the railings of the motorbike stand being fucked by an angry Russian, Even when i did get her to go with me, she had to stop by the side of a 7 eleven shop and suck of a customer who she borrowed money from.Warning never kiss this girl as she usuallaly has a mouth full of cum.

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Geek Horny Thai Slut

Geek was stumbled on in the Agogo bars of Nana. A nice small package with all kinds of naughty written all over it. The way she flirted with the audience and any interested man that caught her attention. I knew she would be of great quality if I got her to do it. I called her down, explained the situation and her eyes lit up, “I get to make movie!”. Soon the Barfine was paid and we were off. Once back in the room she was very cooperative helping to pick the clothes as if she was the director. When the camera stills started she poised like a natural and she hammed it up for the video camera as well. She exuded a full range of expressions that is very rare for a Thai girl without asking them to. During shooting while I threw my dick into her and plunged her inner depths she had one of those pussies that grips your cock and moves in and out while you’re watching. That’s uncommon and sure is a visual treat when you capture it correctly. About mid-shoot we heard a walkie-talkie in the hallway. We immediately dimmed the lights and scrambled to the door to listen to who might be out there. The cameraman went out to investigate after a minute. While we were waiting Geek and I looked and each other like ,”if we’re going to in trouble for this we might as well go out with a bang”. On the couch she climbed on my turgid member and started riding me like she meant it, with a renewed fury as if something had switched her into overdrive. I picked this small package up onto the kitchen counter and start ramming her. She was horny as hell now and I was getting close to cumming so I started to slow down and her pussy got real wet. I was afraid I might have cum a little inside her but then she looked at me gazing at all the juices emerging from her pussy and said ,”I just cum”. The horny little bitch was turned on by the danger of having somebody bust down the door looking for us. Her pussy juices dribbled down the front side of the kitchen cabinets which I didn’t notice at the time but a week after the fact when I was wondering what that stain was down the front of the kitchen. My camera man came back soon after to report that it was probably just hotel security making their nightly rounds. We tried a little anal as Geek was up for it, but she was not ready for the full plunging that makes the scene exciting so I had to back out. I continued maneuvering this young spinner in all sorts of positions as her 90lb body would allow. I finished off in her mouth and she was spent. I think her cumming during our clandestine fuck had really drained her. That was a wrap but I knew she would be gracing our set in the not too distant future. You don’t let a natural like this go to waste if you know what’s good for you.

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Far, Anal,Girl, Still Doesnt know How she did anal

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Faa Takes It Up The Ass

In the deep corners of Nana car park we found, Faa, she was in need of cash, as she was between agogo jobs. She had a slutty, and in your face attitude that was surprisingly bold and meant you’re either going to get a great fuck or you’re going to get a real head case. Turns out we got both. Back in the room she came in like she owned the place, immediately heading for the fridge and grabbing a beer which she opened with her teeth as she was too impatient to look for the bottle opener. While I was doing setup she went outside to sit on the balcony. After a while, I realized I had not seen her in about 10 minutes. I look out on the balcony and there she in an upright fetal position holding her knees, rocking back and forth and softly humming some little tune. I said to her ,”are you alright? Come on let’s get this show going”.

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Cherry and Apple Creamy Thai Dessert

Making my Bangkok rounds in Nana, I swung by the Agogo scene to see what’s what. I saw Cherry, and I knew she was the right one to ask. I asked her to make a movie and she was a bit unsure. To her it was unfamiliar territory but if I brought along Apple her Milfy friend she was ready. I agreed and we were off. In the room, the girls kicked off there shoes and made themselves at home while I set the stage.

Apple you would think ,being older, would have been a hardened prozy but it turns out she was one of the most fragile whores I’ve ever shagged. She kept complaining of pussy pains and to shag her slower!?…fuck that, that’s not what Candypop does, I proceeded to give them both the gusto. Everything was going quite swimmingly until Apple the Milf ,out of nowhere, started crying and moping. Even Cherry was like,”WTF?”and these girls tend to stick together. So I swept Apple to the side until she could have a nice cry and hopefully come back with more Uumph. I rammed Cherry’s sweet box into a froth and she just took it and showed a little expression of her own. At this point I knew I found a Candypop Star and Cherry would be making a future Cameo in our coming blue films. Finally Apple dried her eyes, and came back on scene. I dumped a load in Cherry’s pie and let the creampie dribble out onto Apple’s pastry. If google indexes this it might list us as a recipe site. Heh heh, Sounds like we were making desserts. A few days later Apple was dying to make another movie and was all over me at her Agogo trying to grind me into stiffness to override my reluctance to use her again, it was extremely unusual because any girl that’s that bad will almost never dream of coming back, and will hold a grudge against you forever. I knew, however, my real star was Cherry so I got her and a younger friend…to be Continued.

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