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StreetMeatAsia – Tai Fucks So Good


Be very careful, this girl named Tai is dangerous. Merely looking at her can cause your personality to alter. As you watch her, she will make you feel all fluffy, a strange white mist will surround you, and you will have this overwhelming desire to give her all your money. Your house, all your properties, all your worldly goods will vaporize and dissolve around you. Tai will walk around sexily in stockings and shoes, and you will lose your sanity. Soon enough, you will be present in her fifteenth floor luxury apartment, and she will calmly inform you that she no longer loves you, that she has a new boyfriend, and that it is all over between you and her. As the universe draws to an end, you take the plunge over the balcony, and while falling in freefall gravity, you have one last grand realization: All you have to do, is tell every sexy girl that you have loads of money, and they will all fuck you once before they realize, and then you move on to the next, a foolproof method of sex and happiness, and SPLAT!

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StreetMeatAsia – Sipbaat Adorable Young Thai Hooker



Lost in the mega city with no money, but with a gorgeous little body, well there is only one thing for a cute girl to do. So Sipbaat went to the red light district and got herself a job as a gogo dancer. She resolved that she would merely dance, and not go home with customers, so she would just be able to pay for food and room rent. The first day on the job, she was given her costume, a Brazilian thong, a cute little blouse, pink high heels and frilly socks. Wearing this costume made her feel more accessible than if she was naked, and what was worse, her boss told her not to cover up when she was on break or eating. She was a walking advert for men to come and fuck. One day, while walking to work, a kindly gentleman stopped her and asked for directions to the red light district. He was polite and charming, but quite direct. He asked how much for sex. Sipbaat knew what the other girls charged, some of them made good money, so she told him what the other girls went for. The kindly gentleman put his arm around her, and guided her to a secluded doorway. He reached down and moved her Brazilian thong to the side, unzipped himself and inserted his large penis in her small vagina, while she was still pressed up against the door. There was nothing she could do about her predicament, and nothing she wanted to do. It all seemed quite natural and expected. He pounded away for ten minutes then thrust a little money into her fist. Her told her not to complain. She was not going to anyway. As Sipbaat walked back to the gogo bar, she could feel the sperm seeping from her vagina and rubbing into the skin on the insides of her thighs. Once inside, and before she got on stage to dance, she accepted an offer from a customer to have sex in the toilet. Then she gave another customer oral sex under the table. Sipbaat had comfortably accepted her role in life, a cum dump girl.

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StreetMeatAsia – Ngai Ngai Anal Hook Thai Slave HD 720p


Ngai Ngai Anal Hook Thai Slave

One of them high energy drinks had free prizes given away, if you got the right lid. So I bought a bottle, swallowed the sweet liquid and looked under the lid. I texted off the code, and do you fucking believe it? I won. Immediately, my doorbell rang and my prize had arrived. Don’t know how they knew where I fucking lived. Anyway, there at the door was anal slave girl Ngai Ngai. Stupid fucking name too, can’t pronounce it. And I do know what to do with botty bugger slave girl. I fucked her stupidly up her sphincter gripping poopy tube. Tried using the energy drink as a lubricant, but I don’t think she needed it, she was quite obviously well trained in the use of her rectum. So I chained her to the wardrobe and ejaculated on her face when there was another ring on the doorbell. Some other fucker said he had won the prize too, and left with Ngai Ngai. Good thing I made the video.

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StreetMeatAsia – Dum Dark Skinned Thai Whore HD 720p


Dum Dark Skinned Whore From Thailand

Another sex crazed alien from outer space. She has got to be an alien, human girls don’t need sex that much. Bloody hell, her eyes spun around and steam came out her ears. Dum needed sex, she really fucking needed it. Do what you want with the video, just make sure you come inside of her.

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StreetMeatAsia – Kanom With Beautiful Thai Model Anal Sex HD 720p


Kanom Anal Sex With Beautiful Thai Model

Kanom masturbates by shoving the big silver vibrator up her ass hole. It is just not enough, she wants cock up her rectum. She gets it. With her perfect brown figure, she merely needs to be used. Not that she has had her brain removed, she is a natural fuck bitch. She needs more. Sex. Ass hole sex. Anal and oral. She don’t care what you look like, or if you are married or any krap like that. She don’t care if you are young and handsome or an old fat smelly pig. Just so long as you shove your penis up her sphincter. You don’t have to love her, you don’t have to like her – though you will all right – all you have to do is enjoy fucking her. Whichever hole you want. You have got to, if you don’t she will have to get the vibrator out and cry for you while changing the batteries. Warm brown skin, soft perky breasts, long slender limbs, a pleasantly protruding pubic mound with a clearly defined vagina, gaping little round buttocks exposing a round open ring piece, are you going to take your eyes off her sweet face? This video has been deep up her ass hole.

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StreetMeatAsia – Roong Young Thai Anal Fucked And Eating Thick Cum HD 720p


Roong Anal Young Thai Fucked And Eating Thick Cum

Meanwhile, back in the science lab, the genetic engineers ordered in a takeaway lunch of intestines soup and deep fried mosquitoes, which was duly delivered by Roong, a pleasant natured pretty little thing. The engineers looked at her and knew what to do. A few injections and a quick operation, two thirds of her brain was removed, and replaced with hormone secreting glands that were grown from stem cells retrieved from her own anus. They were so pleased with their work, they signed her right breast with their signature star logo. And so Roong was an instant zombie anal fuck toy. What they did not realize was that she was a complete bum fuck loving fuck toy already. I had just made this video with her the night before. A real pleasant natured pretty little, big titty, three hole loving thing. And she had a nice smile too. So the stem cells that the engineers retrieved from her anus, they might not be hers, they were probably the remains of my semen that I ejaculated up her rectum a few good hours before. Yeah, those stem cells in her brain come from me. No wonder she is a zombie. Be careful what you order for lunch, sit back and enjoy the video.

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StreetMeatAsia – Rexik Petite Skinny Thai Girl Chained And Fucked HD 720p


Rexik Thin Petite Thai Girl Chained And Fucked

Rexik was trapped inside the elevator at the new luxury shopping mall, on her way to spend some more of her wealthy boyfriend’s spending money. The elevator broke down, and got jammed stuck between the lingerie floor and the perfume floor. Terrible, right between the two departments she would have felt at home in. The rich property barons who built the shopping mall were cheap bastards, and put in a shitty lift with no maintenance contract and no intercom. There was power to the elevator, but it was jammed stuck, so the light was on. Rexik was inside, alone, gazing at her reflection in the mirror. She tried pressing all the buttons. They did not work. So she started playing with herself. It took the recovery crews weeks to discover the problem and retrieve Rexik. In the mean time, with no food or sustenance, she had lost half her body weight, and was half mad from endless days of silent masturbation. Her boyfriend had got bored of waiting for her, and found a new slapper to spend his money on. So Rexik was out on the street, a waif like figure. Her clothes were too big and slipped off, leaving her wearing only black hose and stupid red high heels. And she had developed this tendency to rub her clitoris continuously. Get the video and send for the emergency crew.

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StreetMeatAsia – Yupin Cum Slurping Asian Cutie HD 720p


Yupin Cum Slurping Asian Cutie

Yupin works in the furniture store, she sits in the window display on one of the sofa sets. She looks good sat on a sofa and sales are up. She does not have to do much, just look good, which is pretty good as she ain’t to good at anything. So I thought I would take it one step further. I fucked her on the sofa. Do you want to buy the sofa now? Do you want a three piece suite? Now, we did not do it in the furniture store window. Not that Yupin was not willing, she will do it anywhere. Test the springs on the video.

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StreetMeatAsia – Wanton Bangkok Soi Nana Whore HD 720p


Wanton Bangkok soi Nana whore

Wanton used to collect the fares on the city bus. The bus would cruise around at break neck speed, or be stuck in traffic for hours on end, but it was always full of city crowds going to and from work, home, shopping centers and pubs. Packed, hot and sweaty. People hanging off the sides. Every seat taken and the isle jammed solid. And Wanton had to collect the miniscule fair off of each and every person. She squeezed through every gap in the isle, slid her hands between the seats, collected coins and handed out postage stamp sized tickets. Thousands of people, millions, billions, blurring her vision, all wanting to go somewhere in the cramped death trap. She could not make out any of them, all she knew was that she had to slide and slither between all the bodies to make her way from one end of the bus to the other collecting fairs. And all the while, her body was being pressed between a myriad of anonymous and perspiring commuters. None of this worried Wanton. She actually enjoyed it, but it paid very badly. Now she fucks for fun and a living, enjoys the close quarters of a perspiring anonymous customer, and revels in sperm. Watch the video, watch the camel toe.

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StreetMeatAsia – Pest Sells Her Asian Body Cheap HD 720p


Pest Buy Her Asian Body Cheap

She has got a nice tattoo on her left tit and other one on her belly. Tattoos look good on Pest, cos she has got a fucking great figure, and if she can ever get the large fish tattoo on her back finished, it will come alive, each time she moves, the fish will sliver across her back. I think it a fish. Does not really matter, it is not finished, and Pest ran out of money to pay the tattoo artist. She did offer him sex to finish it, and so she gave him a good blow job, then he told her to fuck off and get him some money. So now she wants me to pay for it. Well I am quite pleased to fuck her, gorgeous little thing. I will even pay for her dinner, but I am afraid I don’t go as far as artwork. Nice small tits but a right pest. Engrave the video.

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