CreampieThais 181 Kumlai

Creampie Thais 181 Kumlai


Kumlai, Khon Kaen, 21 years old.

It’s the best of both worlds in Thailand. Skinny teens, big tit nymphs, even dark-skinned honeys with big fat booties! Meet 21 year old Kumlai from Khon Kaen, Issarn. She’s so fresh, I actually found her at the weekend market. Not the usual hunting grounds, but you’d be surprised the talent that stroll through those stalls buying clothes and food. When I saw Kumlai’s slim waist and enormous ass, I was perplexed at the hip to butt ratio. I wasn’t going to pass this opportunity up. My initial introduction was met with a giggle and smile. Her enthusiasm fueled my pursuit and with a few more sweet comments and laughs, we headed out to my pad for some ‘after-market’ boom boom. Once she undressed, my mouth just dropped. I was so hard I couldn’t wait to be inside this woman. Kumlai sucked my cock while looking up with her pretty eyes. I then had her bend over, arch her back, and stick that round onion ass up so I could gaze at it. WHAT-A-SIGHT! No condom required, I wet the tip of my hard dick, and slid my rod between her plump buns. Fucking the Kim K of Thai girls doggie-style made my day. I had to nut and nut now, so I flipped her over and filled her tiny love hole with my potent sperm.

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File Name : 181-kumlai-1-sp.mp4
File Size : 252.76 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:14:46

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