Trike Patrol Sonja – Return of the Horny Housewife


Sonja: Return of the Horny Housewife –

Well boys, you asked and Trike Patrol listened. This sexy Mother-We’d-All-Love-to-Fuck was one of the most highly requested and commented on women we’ve ever had on this site. May seem strange to some, as she’s not your typical “hottie”, but this lady exudes SEX when you see her. Her first encounter with us a few months ago grew and grew in popularity, and we had so many emails and comments asking us to bring her back, that we just had to deliver.
Sonja was more than willing when she got the call. In fact, she was so excited about it, she was disappointed when we had to postpone it a few days due to scheduling conflicts. Hey, it ain’t easy being Trike Patrol. Now as much as she obviously enjoyed her first go-around, it left a little to be desired due to the inexperience of the guy along for the ride that day. He was a little timid and didn’t quite know how to handle such a vivacious and ravenous MILF like Sonja.
Well, our new team member John T. was more up to the task and took it on “head first” as you’ll see in this video. Particularly in the blow job sequence, he has Sonja choking down his cock like she hasn’t eaten in weeks! If fact, after the shoot, she admitted to him that she has not had sex since the last Trike Patrol episode over 6 months ago! Her husband has been tied up with work back in America and hasn’t been able to make a Philippines trip in that time. We’re more than glad we were able to help quench her desperate thirst for a thick meaty white cock. Well, some of us more than others. Dammit John T., some guys have all the luck!

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Trike Patrol Nicole – Pink Wet Momma

Nicole: Pink Wet Momma –

When it rains here, it absolutely pours! That’s one of the negatives of being in a Tropical climate such as this. But the positives far outweigh the negatives, and today was no exception. I noticed a lovely dark-skinned babe in pink prancing along in the downpour through the park near the base entrance. I waved her over to me under a covering and asked what she was up to. Her name was Nicole and she was on her way home. It was quite a distance off still, so I offered her a respite from the soaking in my hotel room nearby. Little did she know she would get even wetter once there!
After the short trike ride, we got into the room and sat on the couch for a few moments. Surprisingly enough, she began rubbing and massaging my cock through my pants. It was then that I knew she was just as horny as I was. She gave me fantastic oral service right then, with perfect pace and just the right amount of wetness and stroke. I could get a blow-job from Nicole every day for the rest of my life and die a happy man.
I quickly learned that this girl really loved sex. She had a fantastic brown body which I thoroughly ravaged from every possible angle. When the climax approached, she knew exactly how to finish me off by putting the tip of me penis in her mouth and stroking the shaft fast and hard. Oh, it was excellent! Now that is how you make the best out of a rainy afternoon in paradise!

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Trike Patrol Maui – Philippine Dream Teen


Maui: Philippine Dream Teen –

Meet Maui: A delightfully cute and sexy 18 year old Filipina from an island province now visiting the big city. I had the good fortune of meeting her at a small karaoke bar near the bay a few nights ago. She seemed too young and shy to go with me then, but we exchanged numbers and here she is a few days later, showing up at my hotel room door with a flower in her hair and looking extra delicious. This is a real cute one to get my hands on. She shows her age during our small-talk, but let’s face it, guys like us aren’t with 18 year olds for their conversation skills, right?
It wasn’t long before she was acting frisky on the bed and pushed aside her tight shorts to reveal a gorgeous shaved pek-pek underneath. No, she wasn’t a virgin but looking at that fresh little pussy one could tell Maui was clearly still in the lower digits on her dickometer. Now her mouth might have been another story. This beauty knew how to suck a cock fairly well for such a ripe age. Makes one wonder how many hunks of meat have been in that pretty face of hers. But no matter, the only meat I cared about at the moment was mine, and it was quite happy in that warm, wet 18 year old mouth right then.
Her perfectly shaped ass looked just fine while I stuffed her sweet pussy in doggy. Then I hit it from the side a bit so you could get a clear view of that pristine little puki she has. I mean, does a pussy get any more perfect than that? She rode me a while frontwards and backwards so I could enjoy all angles of her loveliness, and I then put her on her back in missionary to give her the good, hard stuffing a beautiful young girl like that deserves. This was truly a Philippine teen dream-girl if there ever was one. Hope you enjoy it (almost) as much as I did!

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Trike Patrol Lea – Junk in Da Trunk


Lea – Junk In Da’ Trunk –

Sometimes, not often but sometime, JR has some odd requests… Well, I guess I shouldn’t say odd, but he can throw you off nonetheless.
This week he was looking for a hot Filipina with some extra junk in her trunk, which he calls “bubble butt lovin”. JR got more than he bargained for with Lea. This thick boned Filipina beauty took everything JR had to give, and still wanted more!
And what’s better than that thick, plumb Filipina booty you wonder? How about great blowjob skills and a hot, wet, very tight virgin like pussy that’ll make most men blow their load before the fun even started? DON’T miss this one fellas!

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Trike Patrol Joy – Bubble Butt

Joy: Bubble Butt –

The title says it all. This little Pinay sports a great little round butt on her. The kinda ass you just want to spank while you’re slamming her from behind. Joy is one of those “small-yet-curvaceous” Filipinas, which I happen to love.
She was introduced to me by Nicole whom I did a few weeks ago if you remember (Pink Wet Momma episode). It’s so easy here once you’re in town for a while and word gets out. A lot of these girls are little freaks in heat just looking to party; the old “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” theory applies.
We went to a small bar to drink and sing some karaoke awhile, then headed back to the hotel for the fun stuff. Joy was an accommodating young lady, and enjoyed doggy style just as much as I enjoyed watching that lovely round ass of hers from behind. If you like ‘em “round & brown”, Joy is one you should appreciate like I did.

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Trike Patrol Joanna – Mall Creature

Free Download Trike Patrol Joanna Mall Creature

Joanna: Mall Creature –

In the Philippines, sometimes you hunt the girls, and sometimes they hunt you. But other times, like in today’s episode, it’s something in between and you’re really not sure what the hell happened. John T. was out for a stroll in the mall when he spots this tall, sexy, leopard-skinned creature prowling about purposefully. By the eyes and body language she was transmitting his way, he couldn’t tell whether she was on a power-shop for clothes or a power-shop for COCK. I guess both things fill a need for women in their own ways.
So he approached her in the panty section of a department store of all places, and the first thing she says to him is “Which of these do you like better for me?”, while pointing to a rack of crotch-less panties. Who says freaks only come out at night? It was definitely game-on from there. So then she asks if he can “help her try them on” in the dressing room. Holy shit, this girl is an animal! They go to the dressing room and John gets to pet that fuzzy wuzzy of hers through the hole in the panties. I thought I heard it growl back at him for a second, but he was able to make it purr with just a few soft caresses.
On to the Trike from there, and then back to the “Patrol Room” for some real fun with this fine female carnivore. She pulls out the cock in a matter of seconds, and then chows down on his meat—–quite ferociously at times. You can really see her forcing herself down on that dick like she’s trying to prove her very place in the Animal Kingdom with every head thrust. John is no mere piece of quarry himself either, and proceeds to feast on that grizzly kitty of hers too with his tongue. Her pussy looks just delectable being showcased in that white pussy-hole panty he just bought her earlier.
Not able to hold out any longer, John bends her around several different ways to stuff her vagina with his mammal-member. She keeps those sexy white panties on throughout, and it’s clear that this is one feline who knows her way around a dick rather well. By the time he was about to explode, Joanna kneels down, grasps a hold of him and opens her mouth wide to receive the deluge of spunk that was forthcoming. While she is definitely not a cum-dodger, I don’t think she envisioned being on that end of the food chain when she woke up this morning……
……………or did she?
You just never know with this place.

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Trike Patrol Jill and Ashley – Pussy Begets More Pussy

Free Download Trike Patrol Jill and Ashley Pussy Begets More Pussy

Jill & Ashley: Pussy Begets More Pussy –

In life, when it comes to pussy-getting, it is usually “feast” or “famine”. When you’re on top of your game, you’re slaying it and can’t keep the pussy away if you try. When you’re not, well, you’re just not. Dry spells hit everybody from time to time. However, here in the Philippines, any resemblance of a dry spell is quite rare. On the other foot, when you’re on fire, you are scorching hot. It seems like the more you get, the more comes your way.
Today’s episode illustrates that perfectly. I was enjoying an afternoon blow from Ashley (“Crazy For You” from a few weeks ago) in my hotel when I noticed a sexy looking girl down at the swimming pool. I pointed her out to Ashley and wouldn’t you know it, she said she knew the girl and they were friends. I thought to myself, this afternoon could turn out even better if I had both of them to play with. So I asked Ashley is she would go ask her to come upstairs and like a good playmate, she went right ahead. She added, “She’s a naughty girl also”. Perfect!
When she arrived, Ashley introduced us and her name is Jill. She had a very naughty look on her face too I must say. It was not long before the both of them were at their knees in front of me, and what a sight that was! There’s nothing quite like two horny Filipina babes sucking your cock at the same time. Everyone should experience that really. Then they went into action with each other and wow, was that hot! Kissing, licking each other’s pussies, and letting me fondle and play with them all along. While one was eating the other’s snatch, I was inside the other’s pussy from behind. If you asked me, I could not tell you which pussy I enjoyed more. They were both very tight, yet soft and wet around my dick. I was in pussy heaven the entire time. This is definitely one afternoon I will not soon forget! Once you watch it, neither will you.

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Trike Patrol Jhen – Southern Comfort Girl

Free Download Trike Patrol Jhen Southern Comfort Girl

Jhen: Southern Comfort Girl –

When we say Southern Comfort, you probably envision a popular brand of American whiskey. And when we say “Southern Comfort Girl”, you picture some slack-jawed Kentucky mountain skank or a blonde pig-tailed bimbo from Georgia saying “Howdy Ya’ll”. Well you’re wrong on all counts. This is Asia, the other side of the planet. “Comfort Girl” or “Comfort Woman” means one thing here: A straight-up ‘Ho! (to use the southern American vernacular) “Comfort Women” in Asia have been providing men “comfort” for 1000’s upon 1000’s of years. Attilla the Hun had to slow his marches through the Gobi Desert just so the ‘Ho’s could keep up. Fact!
Jhen here, happens to be a 19 year old sweetie from the Southern Philippines Island of Leyte (hence, “Southern” Comfort). Now that island name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well it should, because it’s the very island that good ol’ General MacArthur decided to land upon in the re-conquering of the PI from the Japanese in WWII. If Jhen here is any indication of how the women are inclined down there, than methinks Gen. Mac had more than just a surprise strategy up his sleeve when he chose Leyte as the point of attack.
Jhen starts off by lotioning up for us to set the mood, then proceeds to give quite the comforting blow job to my ready throbbing cock. We flopped around the bed in a variety of positions and I must say Jhen took the dick rather well. There was no pushing back or hesitation; her pussy was warm and hospitable the entire time. It’s not every day I come upon one of these “Southern” girls, but when I do, I always end up with a smile on my face and a satisfied feeling in my trousers. I think you will too upon watching this episode. Comfort!

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WMV - 853.68 MB - 00:32:53 - 720x480

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Trike Patrol Jennifer – Urban Jungle Rumble


Jennifer – Urban Jungle Rumble –

We found Jennifer while roaming the streets of down town Makati City. One hell of a tight body, cute face and an absolutely amazing fucking machine!
She was quite shy during the interview, which is usually expected.. but at one point we were considering cancelling the shoot due to her shyness… But, and I don’t know what it is, when the clothes came off Jennifer did a complete 180 and attacked JR’s cock like you wouldn’t believe!
Check out the full video for yourself and see why we dubbed Jennifer “Urban Jungle Rumble”. You will NOT be disappointed!

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WMV - 376.77 MB - 00:32:43 - 640x480

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Trike Patrol Jennifer – She Loves Trike Patrol

Jennifer – She Loves Trike Patrol –

Guess who’s baaaaaaaack?!?!?!
Well, if you don’t recognize her from the pics, then shame on you haha. If you guessed Jennifer… you are 100% correct. For those of you who don’t remember her, or god forbid have yet to see her first vid; Jennifer goes far and beyond the term LBFM. She is, by far, one of my favorite fucks here on TP thus far. And this time around, she had some new body jewelry to show me… err us. Now, you may be wondering what this new jewelry is, and I’d love to tell you; but you’ll just have to see for yourself.
Now, if you thought her first performance was awesome, you are in for one hell of a surprise this time around. Do NOT miss this one guys, trust me on this.

File Information
WMV - 330.99 MB - 00:21:35 - 640x480

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