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TrikePatrol – Caren Convenient Selection Sexin’ HD 720p


Caren: Convenient Selection Sexin’ – trikepatrol.com

Sexy shaved Asian teen gets creamy facial after hook-up with tourist

Tourist Bob was back in town this week and dutifully recorded another LBFM snatch & grab for us. The lucky bastard lives in another near-by Southeast Asian country (to remain undisclosed) so he’s able to hop over here whenever he feels the urge. Thankfully for us, he feels the urge quite a bit, and who can blame him when he’s able to score sexy young snatch like this all the time?

For a supposed vacation, he started his morning fairly early. But being the wise ol’ monger, he knows there’s almost always leftovers to be had from the overnight bar shift just getting off work at this hour. These morning stragglers aren’t always chopped liver either. No, sometimes it’s just a matter of it being a slow night in their club or something, so even a moderately attractive to above average chick can go the whole shift without being selected. It happens.

That was precisely what Bob was hoping for when he swung by the most popular convenience store on the strip. Don’t you know it, he didn’t even have to go inside to find what he was looking for. Now that’s convenient, isn’t it? Right outside at one of the tables was a pair of LBFMs having soft-drinks with that bleary-eyed shift-worker look about them. Ripe for the picking!

Bob approached and introduced himself, and since they didn’t protest or run away, he was able to sit and join them with hopes of snaring one, if not both. He invited them to his apartment for breakfast and they asked if he had a pool for swimming. Luckily he does, and that got them more interested. They even expressed the desire for “swimming naked”, so these were exactly the right type of girls Bob had in mind.

So with that it was off to the trikes. Yes, it took 2 trikes since there was the 2 of them and Bob’s not a man of slight build. Once back at his place he got the cam rolling and found out a little more about the younger girl. Her name was Caren and she was 19 years old from Tondo. For those that don’t know, Tondo is a notoriously rough and tumble area of Manila, so this girl has likely seen and done it all despite her young age.

Bob was hoping she would do it all with him and just a few questions later his hopes would be answered. Caren admitted rather quickly that she liked to fuck strangers and especially get tapped from behind in doggy style. She got naked in no time and when she did, ohhhh man. This young babe had a killer body fellas. Tight and firm in all the right places with a superb set of tits. Once Bob’s cock came out, she was all over it like a Pinay on rice. Or like a Pinay on a rice covered dick. Yeah….uhh, something like that. She was just suckin’ a mean dick, ok!

Then this lucky fucker had the pleasure of her sweet young ass jumping atop him and bucking around on his cock like it was a friggin’ amusement ride at the fair. Only Bob wasn’t inserting quarters, that’s for sure. The little freak came out of her more and more as they boned and she kept talking dirty like some wild little porn nympho; undoubtedly a learned behavior from some other foreigner exposing her to XXX movies. What kind of man would do such a thing!?

Then he slammed her in doggy style just like she asked for, with more slutty moaning and language. Next, it was a good plowing in missionary position before Bob withdrew and snotted his gooey ropes of pecker-slime across her left cheek. This was a well-taught teen if I ever saw one and she just furthered her education on the World’s most (in)famous Filipina porn site! In case you were wondering what happened to the other girl……..well, somebody had to hold the camera, right?

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Download Trike Patrol cute pinay slut Caren porn vdo Free

Download Trike Patrol cute pinay slut Caren porn vdo Free

TrikePatrol – Chelsy Beachwalk Boner Bait HD 720p


Chelsy: Beachwalk Boner Bait – trikepatrol.com

Horny Asian beach girl has wild hotel short time sex with tourist

You know you’re on a tourist beach in a 3rd world country when you can’t walk more than 20 yards without relentless touts trying to sell all kinds of worthless crap to you. Well, that and the unkempt sand, filthy stray dogs, rickety wooden pontoon boats and scammy jetski rentals. So, this is paradise, huh? But then, just then, you realize what brought you here. Because you also can’t go more than 20 yards without a lovely brown-skinned LBFM crossing your path, and high praise to the Mongering Gods for that!

As Jonas headed towards the rocky edge of a semi-crowded beach this hot and sunny afternoon, he caught up to a cute looking babe in a black dress wading ankle-deep in the calmly lapping surf. She invited him to join her for a seat on the rocks ahead, and when they got there, she told him she was game for some boom-boom back at his hotel. Gotta love a girl who gets right down to business like that; no time spent on pretentious antics. When Jonas got her bedside, we find out a lil’ more about her:

Name: Chelsy
Age: 20
Hobbies: chatting, reading
Boyfriend: no, but looking
Fav Position: riding on top

Then she said she would get naked for him and that’s exactly what she did. She stripped down quickly to reveal her nice smooth looking bod, and laid on the bed to rub her naturally tufted puss in front of the camera. Jonas presented her with his pecker to schmooze on, and Chelsy here went straight for the jugular; her jugular that is! She forced that cock deep down in her throat as far as she could take it, til her strained esophageal juices were streaming down all sides of Jonas’ lucky knob.

Then she proved her point about favorite position after jumping ontop and riding like a wild moaning banshee all over that swollen dick of his. Some more sucking, then more riding, before Jonas had his turn stabbing away at her brownish-pinkish cum quiver; from the front, from the back, and then from underneath once again so she could face the camera and openly express how much she loved random tourist meat on a sunny day at the beach.

For this short meetings end, Jonas withdrew his cumming out-of-control penis from her soaked cock canal, and spewed spunkmatter over several parts of her face and body. He even got her on the nose! Nothing a few tissues and some saltwater outside couldn’t take care of, and with that their short-lived relationship was over as quickly as it began. That’s how it’s done while on holiday here in the Philippines. It’s a fast-paced carousel of pussy and you go from one to the next as quickly as the winds change; and as you’ve seen here on Trike Patrol for years now, the winds change quite a lot!

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tp-chelsy-beachwalk-boner-bait.FLV - FLV - 563.21 MB - 00:36:39 - 1280x720
Download Trike Patrol sexy asian prostitute Chelsy porn clip Free

Download Trike Patrol sexy asian prostitute Chelsy porn clip Free

TrikePatrol – Maicy Bearded Clamburger Slam HD 720p


Maicy Bearded Clamburger Slam trikepatrol.com

Hairy pussied Filipina gets slammed by white cock

When a serious Filipina monger has put in extensive miles—-through air, ground and vagina—-perfecting his cunt-crushing craft, there’s really only one logical next step in his perverse progression: To start filming his Pinay pussy procurements and sharing them with the World! This natural path is almost exactly why Trike Patrol even exists I might add, and we’re damn lucky it does for the lovers of all things Filipina.

We’re fortunate to have guys like Jonas here, who are willing to throw caution out of his trike’s sidecar to the wind speeding past. It takes a special “Buckaroo” type of character to get up in the morning in a dusty, dirty, wild west red-light district town in Asia and say to himself: “I think I’m gonna find, fuck and film some new pussy today and upload it to the web.” This ain’t like popping out your iPhone cam back home while some local white-trash skank goes down on you in the AppleBee’s parking lot. No, no my friends, patrolling like our guys do here is far more complex and treacherous than that. Almost anything can happen to you here at any given moment.

But still, they drive on, and bring the World a fresh new piece of prime LBFM poontang each and every week. Ok, mostly fresh. Uh…ok, somewhat fresh? Oh hell, just enjoy the new damn pussy each week, will ya!

So this week, Jonas came upon quite the innocent looking young lady having a drink alone in a local courtyard eatery. She was originally waiting for another “friend” to show up, but sometimes a kind smile and soft words here are all it takes. Having a nice comfy trike sidecar doesn’t hurt either. After all, who can pass up on a free ride? This damsel certainly couldn’t, and accompanied Jonas in his 3-wheeled love chariot back to his short time hotel around the corner. Once there, he interviewed the sweet young lady to find out more about her:

Name: Maicy
Age: 21
Province: Cavite
Hobbies: Cooking
Favorite Dish: Chicken Adobo
Favorite Music: Pop
Employment: KTV (Karaoke Bar)
Boom-Boom? Yes
Favorite Position: Dog-style

It doesn’t take a genius to predict what came next. Maicy got herself undressed for the rolling cam and was soon gorging herself on Jonas’ pink pants-panther. Not so lady-like after all, are we dear? You hardly know the man! Once she had her fill of white schnitzel, she hopped aboard Jonas and sat on his cock. One good ride deserves another, right?

You have to admire this girl’s lovely thick pubic bush. Gosh darn, I wonder what she does to have it grow in so thick. Looks like she’s sprinkled miracle grow on there or something. A perfectly full velvety black carpet patch she has there. You don’t see these so much anymore, it’s like a lost art. That pussy must have been as tight as it was tufted because Jonas ended up losing his load while she was in reverse cowgirl position.

Yep, shot his wad a little early it seems, filling her woolly whispering-eye with a skyward pointing internal cum blast, unfortunately missed by the naked eye. (still waiting on those internal pussy-view cameras the Japs have, they’re on back-order) Though, he did smear some of the sticky excess onto the outer parts of Maicy’s bushy moose knuckle for the camera to see. That, and the fact that you never want to keep one girl too long in this town was more than enough reason to see her off to the shower and make this one a wrap. Good day and good puki, my friends!

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tp-maicy-bearded-clamburger-slam.flv - FLV - 235.94 MB - 00:17:03 - 1280x720
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