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TrikePatrol – Maicy Bearded Clamburger Slam HD 720p


Maicy Bearded Clamburger Slam trikepatrol.com

Hairy pussied Filipina gets slammed by white cock

When a serious Filipina monger has put in extensive miles—-through air, ground and vagina—-perfecting his cunt-crushing craft, there’s really only one logical next step in his perverse progression: To start filming his Pinay pussy procurements and sharing them with the World! This natural path is almost exactly why Trike Patrol even exists I might add, and we’re damn lucky it does for the lovers of all things Filipina.

We’re fortunate to have guys like Jonas here, who are willing to throw caution out of his trike’s sidecar to the wind speeding past. It takes a special “Buckaroo” type of character to get up in the morning in a dusty, dirty, wild west red-light district town in Asia and say to himself: “I think I’m gonna find, fuck and film some new pussy today and upload it to the web.” This ain’t like popping out your iPhone cam back home while some local white-trash skank goes down on you in the AppleBee’s parking lot. No, no my friends, patrolling like our guys do here is far more complex and treacherous than that. Almost anything can happen to you here at any given moment.

But still, they drive on, and bring the World a fresh new piece of prime LBFM poontang each and every week. Ok, mostly fresh. Uh…ok, somewhat fresh? Oh hell, just enjoy the new damn pussy each week, will ya!

So this week, Jonas came upon quite the innocent looking young lady having a drink alone in a local courtyard eatery. She was originally waiting for another “friend” to show up, but sometimes a kind smile and soft words here are all it takes. Having a nice comfy trike sidecar doesn’t hurt either. After all, who can pass up on a free ride? This damsel certainly couldn’t, and accompanied Jonas in his 3-wheeled love chariot back to his short time hotel around the corner. Once there, he interviewed the sweet young lady to find out more about her:

Name: Maicy
Age: 21
Province: Cavite
Hobbies: Cooking
Favorite Dish: Chicken Adobo
Favorite Music: Pop
Employment: KTV (Karaoke Bar)
Boom-Boom? Yes
Favorite Position: Dog-style

It doesn’t take a genius to predict what came next. Maicy got herself undressed for the rolling cam and was soon gorging herself on Jonas’ pink pants-panther. Not so lady-like after all, are we dear? You hardly know the man! Once she had her fill of white schnitzel, she hopped aboard Jonas and sat on his cock. One good ride deserves another, right?

You have to admire this girl’s lovely thick pubic bush. Gosh darn, I wonder what she does to have it grow in so thick. Looks like she’s sprinkled miracle grow on there or something. A perfectly full velvety black carpet patch she has there. You don’t see these so much anymore, it’s like a lost art. That pussy must have been as tight as it was tufted because Jonas ended up losing his load while she was in reverse cowgirl position.

Yep, shot his wad a little early it seems, filling her woolly whispering-eye with a skyward pointing internal cum blast, unfortunately missed by the naked eye. (still waiting on those internal pussy-view cameras the Japs have, they’re on back-order) Though, he did smear some of the sticky excess onto the outer parts of Maicy’s bushy moose knuckle for the camera to see. That, and the fact that you never want to keep one girl too long in this town was more than enough reason to see her off to the shower and make this one a wrap. Good day and good puki, my friends!

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TrikePatrol – Jennifer Bone Appetit HD 720p


Jennifer: Bone Appetit trikepatrol.com

Stunning shaved Asian teen savors white dick as her favorite meal
Jennifer is a lovely shaved Asian teen who admits how much she loves white dick whenever she can get it. She hooks up with Ryan to suck and fuck him on cam.

Hold on to your catch-rags boys, this one’s a real fireplug that gets the blood going the minute she comes on-screen. If you don’t have a catch-rag handy, you better get one. But before I get to her, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the latest addition to the ever-growing Trike Patrol squad rotation. This week we are happy to welcome Ryan, a brand new “walk-on” patrolman to the World’s most famous LBFM snatch-grabbing website.

He does what any good aspiring Trike Patrolman does and hails himself the nearest 3-wheeled motorized chariot to set off on his maiden LBFM trim-trawling voyage. Now sometimes, the ol’ “beginner’s luck” saying does seem to ring true, and boy did it ever on this occasion for Ryan here. Not more than a block or two from where he hopped aboard his trike’s sidecar, Ryan approached up behind a slinky slender young Pinay walking alone.

As he pulled up along side her and she turned towards him, her smile lit up immediately. Her name was Jennifer and her bright and bubbly personality came out from word one. It didn’t take long for Ryan to get her in the trike with him so they could speed off to go make movie magic together. Once back at the room, a lot more than just her personality came out. For one, her admitted appetite for dick was revealed, and in quite the comical fashion I might add. It’s nice to see a young girl who readily considers “dick” as her answer to the question of favorite food.

Oh, did I mention her stunning slender body yet? When she peels off the clothes and we see those absolutely perfect teenage breasts I think nothing but premature ejaculatory thoughts and feelings running through me. Un-fucking-real body. If the sight of that alone wasn’t enough, her frenzied, beef-stick blowing feast on Ryan’s cock pushes the temperature dial that much higher. She even wrapped him up in her firm young titties and boob-fucked his lucky swollen pecker voraciously. I mean, they way she attacked it you’d have thought she had a clit on her chest or somethin, damn!

But then Ryan was in for the grandest prize of all grand prizes—–that tight, trim, slippery wet young Filipina POOOOOOOSEY! Oh, when she mounts that dick and starts riding, it’s enough to breath erectile life into even the most dysfunctional of erectile dysfunctions. Who needs drugs we you’ve got LBFM’s like Jennifer, here? Some of the faces this girl makes while Ryan’s squirming his squirrely sperm-sword into her squishy clam-box are awe-inspiring. She really enjoys her dick; that she did not lie about.

Just before losing his nut inside her and ruining that perfect LFBM bod, Ryan clumsily withdrew his foraging fuck-stick and splooged his scrambled semen globs all over her lovely teenage navel. To that, “Ooh-la-la” was Jennifer’s response as she looked down in admiration at the sticky remnants of Ryan’s handiwork. Still catching his breath from his wondrous workout with this breathtaking babe, Ryan managed to film her showering off so we could all bask at the glory of her utterly sensational body.

Good on ya, young fellow, your first patrol turned out to be a damn fine one!

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TrikePatrol – Cassandra & Princess Massage à Trios HD 720p


Cassandra & Princess: Massage à Trios – trikepatrol.com

Pair of Filipina streetwalkers massage and fuck white guy on holiday

Nothing beats a night out on the town in the Capital. Like an old friend, the warm glow of neon bar lights and the honking of jeepney’s welcomes you as you step out into the bustling nightlife at dusk. When you’re in a Southeast Asian metropolis like this with anywhere between 2 and 20 million people, there’s naturally loads of pussy walking around at any given hour, especially the nighttime ones. Carousing through one of the bar districts on this evening, our friend Mr. X managed to score a pair of agreeable ladies to “escort” him back to his hotel.

They were both decently cute for streetwalker fare, about the same size and build, with one being slightly senior to the other. Once inside the room, Mr. X did what any experienced monger does when setting a relaxed mood for newly acquired LBFM tail: Why, serve them a nice hearty meal of course! And no food pairing is more comfort-inducing for Filipinas than good ol’ greasy chicken ‘n rice.

Cassandra (23) and Princess (21), seemed fully accepting of their impending performances and swiftly swapped off their clothes for towel wraps. Mr. X is really into massages, and he clearly had his mind on a double tonight. It was plain to see these two have worked together before and were no strangers to the “service industry”. Within minutes of their little tarty introductions for the cam, the raunchy rubdown began.

When the perfunctory “massage” part was through, the girls then went to town on Mr. X’s cock. Here, you’ll get a driver’s seat view of just what it looks like to be worked over by a pair of hospitable Pinay tour guides/escorts/masseuses. Now “threesomes” with amateur girls off the street like this don’t always go like the porno’s, and can often be exercises in awkwardness and comedy. That said, the chance to bed two girls at the same time should never go passed up on easily.

If nothing else, it’s an extra pair of hands to help record everything, and Princess’ came in handy when X-man withdrew and dumped his deluge of meat-mucus all over Cassandra’s back. Her laughter from behind the cam as her friend whined about the hot load on her rear was priceless. I’m sure roles have been reversed in the past. You know what they say girls……That’s Life in the Big City!

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tp-cassandra-princess-massage-trios.FLV - FLV - 460.37 MB - 00:20:29 - 1280x720
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