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Bee: Breaking in the new-cumer tuktukpatrol.com

So guys, this week we have a new-cumer named Rick to add to the roster of stickmen for TukTuk Patrol. With him being good friends with Mr Nice and being out on patrol with us before during down-times, he was given the opportunity to show his insatiable love for Thailand pussy on camera. We figured it was high time to officially break in the new-cumer and with today’s update the boys bring us a dashing busty Thai girl named Bee for such an occasion! (seems to be a popular name in Thailand, doesn’t it?)

And now you’re wondering, what about the girl? Well, that IS why we are here, right? Bee was spotted stuffing her pretty face in front of a shop in a short red skirt and Mr Nice must have figured she’d look better stuffing something long and meaty in her mouth instead because like a pro, he approached, caught her attention and got her to hop straight up in the tuk tuk. Her English is definitely not the best but this 18 year old sure makes up for it in visual appeal and willingness to be led along! Now to just get her off to the villa and see what Rick thinks of her!

Rick was hanging around watching tv when Mr Nice brought Bee in and introduced her. There really was not much of an introduction to be honest. She waltzed in, laid down with him and ended up in Ricks arms waiting to see what happens next. Well, we KNOW what will happen next but lets just humor the situation a little, will ya? haha A kiss was all it took to get the action started. She was already nervously reaching for the bulge in his pants. She knew what she wanted and she most definitely knew what she was here for!

There’s something quite interesting about this episode. It’s not your usual quick-fuck-and-pound one-trick pony show here. They both took care to explore each other and nervously work their way up to penetrating that soft and squishy pussy of hers after a nice oral meal. What’s better than getting dinner all over your face before fucking it? Sometimes, you really do have to take your time and enjoy it all. The smooth slipperiness, the tight squeezing sensations and of course, the bucking of her innards as she inches closer and closer to climax.

So with that guys, I hope you enjoy this busty and lusty little beauty as much as Rick did. Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!

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